Electrical & Control Lighting System

Design Stage

Design Stage

    Definition of scopes

    Modelling and simulation for electrical & natural lighting evaluation

    Energy and costs studies

Documentation Stage

Documentation Stage

    Lighting Control Diagrams

    Lighting Design plans

    Technical specifications

Implementation Stage

Implementation Stage

    Calculations reports and operational manuals

    Light fixture aiming, light levels and energy consumption verification

    Control system programming

What we do

At Hugo Light Design, we use light to support architectural objectives for buildings and spaces, helping to create interior and exterior environments that perform to precisely defined criteria. We work in many different contexts specialising in residential projects but also including retail schemes, exhibitions, hotels & leisure facilities, landscapes and gardens, historic buildings and conservation. Developing integral lighting solutions trough a platform of services that integrate electrical lighting, natural lighting and lighting controls is an essential part of coming up with creative designs. Our designs are integral to the experience of each project. They articulate space and objects and display texture and colour. With their capacity to add accent and mood, they enrich rooms and buildings, streets and public spaces.

Lighting Considerations


Sustainable design starts with establishing the incentives and constraints of each project, and by setting challenging targets for building construction and performance. Recognising the importance of energy efficient lighting to long-term building performance, we have developed our own sustainability objectives, which stipulate the use of optimum efficiency lamps, controls and luminaires. A continual process of appraisal ensures we keep abreast of products and techniques worldwide. We aim to lead our industry in this. HLD systems contribute to overall sustainable practice by being flexible and easy to use and maintain. After hand-over, our support to building users includes advice on settings, configurations and day to day operation.


Hugo Light Design brings an informed and impartial approach to the production of lit spaces and surfaces. We work closely with our clients and fellow members of the design and construction team and understand their varied objectives. We ensure both lighting quality and the integration of our schemes into structure, finishes and overall building services design. Our partnership philosophy is based on collaboration and communication and this results in long-lasting associations. We can contribute to every stage of a project from performance specification to implementation and commissioning. Our creativity and expertise in technical delivery are key elements of the project’s combined resources. Our clients and key partners include:

  • CPK Interiors
  • Curradine Wedding Barns
  • David Collins Studio
  • John Field Studio
  • James Gorst Architects
  • Make Architects
  • Plincke Landscapes
  • USH Architects
  • Dan Brill Architects
  • St George
  • Taylor Howse Design
  • Knight Harwood
  • Tom Ford International
  • Nicola Harding Interior Design
  • Jaqueline Willers Interior Design
  • Ice Cube Design
  • FSC Consulting
  • Maximus LTD
  • Coast Developments LTD
  • Inside And Out Design
  • Architonics
  • Greg and Lucy Rusedski
  • Martin Ashley Architects
  • Mc Vitty LTD
  • Snell David Architects
  • Mr Nicholas Coleridge
  • Bennett Design
  • Todhunter Earle Interiors
  • Morton Designs
  • P & N Decorations
  • Caybec UK Services LTD
  • RT Harris and Son
  • Annabel Elliott LTD
  • Julia Blunt Interiors
  • Sloane Management
  • Dolby Investments
  • Haberdashery London
  • and numerous private clients….