Bel & The Dragon Cookham

Bel & The Dragon Restaurant and Bar – Cookham
The Second of a chain of four existing pubs which were stripped back to a shell and re designed to create not only a bar but a restaurant environment together with Nicola Harding Design. One of the oldest Coaching Inns in England, Bel & The Dragon Cookham sits on the village’s picture postcard High Street, a short walk from the Thames Path and was the home of the Artist Stanley Spencer.

The brief was to create an un-pretentious, relaxed, welcoming environment catering for not only pub but also restaurant clientelle.

Working with the interior designer bespoke pendants were manufactured by Matthew Galpin and low energy LED luminaires were used to allow compliance to regulations. The slightly cooler temperature of these were balanced with tungsten decorative element lamps run at a very low level. Scenes from the circuits specified were programmed from state of the art scene setting equipment to create different environments for different times of the day changing the perception of the large cavernous spaces through the use of warm light sources and dropping pendants to give the illusion of a lower ceiling.

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